Antelope Valley Landscape Design ServicesDesign

We like to think that one of our best qualities is that we truly listen to our clients and understand their preferences and needs before we engage the design process. Designing begins with consultation and getting to know your family and their needs. Through this collaboration, the design is always molded in your best interest and is built with as much of your vision and hope as possible. We know how to ask the right questions to pull the “landscaper” out of you! In other words, we welcome your input as far as you would like to take it so that you are confident and secure we are delivering a finished product you will be happy with. View Gallery

Antelope Valley Landscape Residential ServicesResidential

Most of our projects are designed and built for homeowners. We believe that your property is an extension of you and should reflect the spirit, energy and personality of your family. As you can see, the styles can vary from something very minimalistic and low maintenance for a single homeowner to a lush grassy garden for a family with kids and a few pets running around. Living in California, we expect that most of you will spend time outdoors. Why not treat your outdoor living space with as much care as the inside? You pay for your property, all the way to the property lines. Why not make it functional and add beauty and value to enhance the quality of your life? View Gallery

Antelope Valley Landscape Commercial ServicesCommercial

From Golf Courses to large corporate properties and malls, Greenbee is ready to bid on your set of plans. We are experienced in large installations and will bring professionalism and teamwork to any jobsite. Working within deadlines and budgets is not a problem with Greenbee Landscape. We are licensed, bonded and insured at all times. View Gallery

Antelope Valley Landscape Xeriscape ServicesXeriscape

You often hear people comment in Southern California, “We live in a desert.” It’s certainly no secret. As communities grow and utilities are stretched to capacity, we as a society are forced to adapt. At Greenbee Landscape, we have always incorporated “Service, Beauty and Conservation” into our Motto and design philosophy. Therefore you can expect us to pay close attention to conserving your water, electricity, gasoline, waste, fertilizers and personal time when we change anything in your landscape. Currently we are providing ongoing workshops with the Palmdale Water District and expect to keep you posted as we schedule more in the future. Please contact us if your non-profit association, City, School, Agency or HOA is interested in scheduling such a presentation. View Gallery

Antelope Valley Landscape Theme Gardens ServicesTheme Gardens

Imagine the interior of a home without décor- just flooring and bare furniture. If not depressing, at the very least it is not a place you would like to spend much time in. Here at Greenbee we like to inject persona and something new to every new project. We can also work around a central or overall theme such as Zen, Formal, Southwestern, Cottage, Island, Container, or a new theme based on things that you are drawn to or collect. The exciting aspect of landscape design is that although there are general rules to follow, much like designing the interior of a home there are also both freedom and individuality that come into play. Theme gardens also present additional opportunities to affect as many senses as possible and apply your own signature to the project. View Gallery

Antelope Valley Landscape Water ServicesWater

We simply call this “Water” because although we conserve it with design engineering, we also like to incorporate it on a smaller scale whenever practical or desired. It’s amazing how the sound of water rushing over stones or trickling from a fountain can give us a sense of serenity and respite from the heat. Water features add sound, color and motion to the landscape and invite butterflies and hummingbirds and other animals into the garden. This element brings life to the environment, even in its absence, like in a faux creek bed or cluster of smooth rocks representing an artesian spring. We can also incorporate fire features to offset the water, when desired. View Gallery

Antelope Valley Landscape Effects ServicesEffects

It’s true landscapers are working with mostly the same materials, like pre-schoolers with piles of tinkertoys, lincoln logs, crayons, playdo and leggos. The distinction between the youngsters and their art is simply imagination and how the materials are construed. At Greenbee we are not unlike the child at play with his raw materials, turning playdo to dinosaurs and leggos to ships. Our opportunity to shine is to create a timeless piece of art from rocks and living plants, crushed stone and piles of dirt. Like the kids, our energy remains until the job is done. We truly attempt to design individuality and yes, Art into every project. This is what we hope and strive for, to simply be set apart from the other kids in class. View Gallery

Antelope Valley Landscape Outdoor Kitchen ServicesOutdoor Kitchens

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