"The back yard now is complete of its transformation from some type of Zen wanna be garden (from the previous owner) to what I consider our mini-Holcomb. With the creek running and now with the native plants in the ground we now escape to Big Bear anytime we want. Of course we still have to deal with the 100 degree heat, the wind, the dust and such but, the drive is much shorter and we can have a fire without a permit.

Credits go to Brad and his crew from Greenbee Landscaping for taking on this project and having to deal with us through this endeavour. Too see Greenbee's other work check 'em out http://www.greenbeelandscape.com/. The design was done by Charles Strawter and you can him out here, http://www.chstrawterdesign.com/.

Enjoy, we sure are.

And to my Jeep crew, NO, you may not crawl on it. "